Tuesday, May 29, 2007

7 Secrets To Achieve The Success You Dream Of

Are there really "secrets" to become successful? What are
the "successful" people around you doing that makes them
stay ahead of the pack?

Many people have asked me how they can become successful.
They asked if I can share any "secrets" with them.

So here are seven "secrets" that will lead you to achieve
the success you dream of...

1. Attitude.

There are many people in this world who are short in
confidence and do not believe in their own capabilities.

Successful people never looked down upon themselves. They
have strong self-belief and always stayed positive. Any
setback to them is just temporary.

When you have the right attitude and strongly believe that
you will be successful, I can guarantee that you will be
99% successful in whatever you do in life.

2. Play the "life" game, learn from failures.

Many people tell me that they are afraid of failure. They
fear that whatever they do, the result is not going to be
what they anticipated.

Successful people live their lives like a game. They played
hard, worked hard, and learn from their failures.

So if you do not get the results you dream of, do not get
disappointed. Your efforts and work as well as your failures
will be valuable lessons for your future success.

3. Be persistent.

Perseverance and hard work will lead you to success. Period.

This is one "secret" that is so simple, and yet eluded so
many people.

Success do not happen over night. Each step you take, every
effort you make, all form the solid foundation through which
you will achieve the success you desire.

4. Stop listening to negative people.

Have you faced occasions when your friends, colleagues, or
even your own family members derided your plans and ideas,
and started counting the reasons why things just wouldn't

When you are surrounded by such pessimistic persons and
negative elements, you would also be influenced to become
negative. This would be detrimental to whatever dreams you

You need to stop listening to these people who do not share
your dreams. This is a necessary step you need to take in
your venture to success. Fill your environment with positive
people instead. This will urge you to become more successful
than those who surround you.

5. Write things down.

I have lots of friends who tend to work things out in their
heads without writing anything down. They went through their
daily routine and do their chores by trying to remember what
they are supposed to do. Often, they would forget one or two
important items, and that would mess up what they set out
to achieve.

When you write down your plans and goals for the day onto a
notebook, it frees up your brain. It makes you think more
effectively, and helps you schedule your day so that by the
end of it, you know for certain you have accomplished those
that you wanted to do.

6. Take Action.

Do you talked to others about your many great plans to be
successful? How many of these great plans have you implemented?
Did you ever start to work on materializing those plans and
make your dreams come real?

To become successful in life, you should stop talking about
your plans. Take action, and get things done.

7. Help others to be successful.

Someone once told me, "The most successful person in the
world, is not measured by how many millions he made, but
how many millionaires he made.'

When you become successful, you will have the resources
to help others become successful as well. Isn't that a
wonderful motivator to push you to pursue your own dreams?

These seven "secrets" have helped me and my friends a lot.
They also exist inside the minds and the hearts of every
successful person throughout the world. I hope they would
give you the motivation to be successful too.

Author: Adrian Ng

Adrian Ng is the co-founder of Internet Success Network, and is inspired to help average folks achieve success on the Internet. Find out more at www.internetsuccessnetwork.com and www.internetsuccessnetwork.blogspot.com

~ Internet Success Network ~

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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Success Ingredient - Just Do It!

Have you tried many things on the Internet and yet do not get the results you want? Are you angry at yourself for not being successful? Find out what is the ONE thing that is holding you back.

One morning I was on my way to work, and when I looked at all the dull and tired faces around me, I finally admitted to myself:

I am tired too.

I am tired of being 'poor'... not having money, not having any freedom...
I am tired of working in a day job that I do not really enjoy...
I am tired of going home every night, all stressed out and confused...
I am tired of not being successful, even with my Internet business...

After all it seemed like everyone else was successful EXCEPT me.

And I felt stupid. I wasn't stupid, but I just FELT that way.

Then it dawned on me...and I have never looked back since then.

Have you gotten to that point with what you are doing on the Internet too? Have you made the money you thought you would or are you still 'spinning your wheels' trying "this", trying "that"?

How many e-books have you read about 'Success'? How many courses have you taken on 'Internet Business'? How many times have you told yourself, "This time I'm REALLY going to take action!"?

Well, it's probably NOT your fault that you have not been successful yet.

Hey wait…do you seriously believe “it’s not YOUR fault?”

You see, if you do believe it’s not your fault, then you are actually looking for someone else to blame for your current circumstances and failures.

But frankly, you have no one else to blame except yourself. It is your fault.

Just like it was MY fault for being poor and working in a job I don't like. I CHOSE it. I chose my life and I have to live through that.

Everyday we choose what we do with our time. No one forces you to do things you do not like; no one forces you to work in a job you hate; no one forces you to be poor. I know this is hard to take, but it is nothing but the truth.

I am not saying you shouldn't take your time and PLAN what you are going to do, but once you have decided that you really, really want to make more money, and you are really, really tired of being poor.... then make that plan and take action on it!

If there is ONE thing that is keeping you from success, it is this.

You are not succeeding because you are THINKING too much about what you should do instead of doing it!

Our world is divided between two kinds of people:
1) Talkers
2) Doers

The question is: Which are you?
A Talker or a Doer?

Be a doer... success comes to those who GET what they want by DOING something each day that brings them closer to their goals.

Even if you make a mistake, doing something is still better than doing nothing.

You can be stupid, ugly or poor, but if you keep doing and keep working towards what YOU WANT you will SUCCEED!

Period. You WILL succeed.

Just do it. Implement this ONE simple piece of personal advice and you will see your success skyrocket.

Are you still thinking?

Author: Adrian Ng

Adrian Ng is the co-founder of Internet Success Network, and is inspired to help average folks achieve success on the Internet. Find out more at www.internetsuccessnetwork.com and www.internetsuccessnetwork.blogspot.com

~ Internet Success Network ~

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Friday, May 11, 2007

Making Money Online - 3 Key Factors That Guarantee Your Success

Are you keen to follow many successful people and make a full time income out of the Internet? Here are 3 key factors that will help you succeed in your mission

When you surf the Internet nowadays, you would have surely come across websites or emails screaming out loud - "Make money while you sleep!", Make millions in minutes!", "Mint cash while you are relaxing in your pajamas/underwear at home!", and lines like that.

9 times out of 10, these lines will easily hook you in immediately. And, once you are hooked in, you will be enticed with photographs of under-25 year old kids in their own private yachts, yuppies driving the latest Mercedes Benz Sports model, etc. – luxuries that the websites will say these Richie Riches purchased from the obscene money they earned by joining these "Get Rich Quick" websites.

Get rich promises such as these, and misleading but enticing web copies are pure banana oil and the photographs you see may not be the real thing – most likely they are pictures of yuppies on the dole who are desperate to make a few bucks themselves. If you have signed up for such a scheme, then nothing could be further from the truth but for the fact that you have been dealt a sucker punch. And you will be sure to see your hard-earned money being flushed down the drain because the "get rich quick" site loaded you with stuff that is impossible-to-sell.

So where do you go from here?

You want to make money online but now you have been told that the guys who are filling your ears with “get rich” promises are hanging around on the web trying to get rich themselves! Are there any chances that an excited Internet entrepreneur can become successful then?

The answer is a resounding “YES!”

Any Internet entrepreneur can realise his dream into reality provided he sticks to the tasks and builds in the following 3 key factors into his online business model.

Key Factor # 1: Invest Time

An Internet entrepreneur has to put in some time into his site. An average 2 hours per day must be invested into the site on adding content, checking statistics, building links, maintenance, marketing the site, submitting it to directories, etc.
The results are sure to follow – but not immediately. The entrepreneur must have the patience for at least 4–6 months for the money to start rolling in.

Key Factor # 2: Invest Money

The only thing that you can expect for free is oxygen – and even that's running out nowadays.

So, if you are an Internet entrepreneur and are serious about doing business online then you must invest money in it. A good website has to be neatly designed and flawlessly programmed. The domain name needs to be purchased, the website needs to be hosted on a robust server, the site needs to be marketed and payment gateways need to be built in.

The good news is that designing and hosting a well-built business online does not cost as much as it used to a year back. To be realistic, it will cost you a few hundred bucks (excluding marketing costs) or so to set up an online presence, but this money is worth spending. If you do not invest any money into your website, you will get back nothing in return.

Key Factor # 3: Invest in Knowledge

If you are new to the Internet, and if you are hell-bent on establishing an online business, then you have to learn how Internet technologies work and you must keep yourself up-to-date with the latest Internet trends.

Of course, no one is asking you to learn programming languages, but you must at least know what they are all about and how they can help turn your website into a user-friendly one.

Think about an Internet business as another profession, for example, a doctor's profession. If you want to become a doctor, don't you have to go through the grind before you can truly become a good one? The same logic applies to an Internet business too.

These are the 3 key factors that can help you succeed in your online mission. Go right ahead and develop that killer website you feel will make you a success story on the Internet – but go about it with a business-like approach and not as a casual hobby. Only when you treat it like a business, then you can expect to make full time income out of it. Keep in mind the 3 key factors listed above and in time, you will come out trumps.

Author: Adrian Ng

Adrian Ng is the co-founder of Internet Success Network, and is inspired to help average folks achieve success on the Internet. Find out more at www.internetsuccessnetwork.com
and www.internetsuccessnetwork.blogspot.com

~ Internet Success Network ~

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Sunday, May 6, 2007

Can we really earn a living on the Internet?

Is earning a living on the Internet possible? What are your chances of achieving success online?

Experiencing success online is entirely possible. It’s not a dream, and that means you probably won’t be sitting in your underwear at your kitchen table making hundreds of thousands of dollars online (contrary to what you might have been made to believe).

If you want a successful online business the first thing you’re going to have to do is recognize that it will have to be run like a business. Too many people are giving poorly thought out, mostly false, information about how easy it is to succeed online. It’s a business so you will need a solid plan, an excellent work ethic, and the vision to know when adjustments are called for.

Here are some tools to help you improve your chances for online success.

1. Use a tried-and-proven formula

Unless you invent, fund, and create your own products or services, you are probably going to want to go with a formula that has already proven itself to be successful. You can sell the products of another company and collect a nice commission on every sale. In the online world this is known as affiliate-based selling. It’s similar to owning a franchise in the offline world, except it’s easier and cheaper to join an affiliate-based company.

If you’re going to join one of these companies do some research and choose one that has been successful, is something that you would buy, and also make sure it has a generous compensation plan in place. A good commission is about 15% and up.

Also, make sure that the company has an effective support team in place, ready to help you along your way. Talk to current successful affiliates of the company if you can. Choosing the right affiliate-based company can be the most crucial component to your online success.

2. Set up your own webpage and market it

You will need a webpage of your own. Some people say it is not necessary to have your own website, but if you want to have a successful online business – you will need it. There’s no excuse not to have one in 2007, so if you are a seller and you do not have a website, people will be suspicious of you and you are guaranteed to lose potential customers.

You can get a domain name for under $10. You can get a webhost for under $20 per month, and you can even get a nice-looking, professionally designed homepage made for you for around $100. We are not here to push one company over another so do your research or contact us if you cannot find anything in your budget range.

Once you have your website up, it’s time to get people to visit. It’s time to start marketing. Now, there are more and more methods of driving traffic to your website invented everyday, but there are some tried and true tactics that have always been around.

Email marketing is one such method. As you develop a list of email addresses from people you know or who have entered it on your website, you can send them emails promoting the products you showcase on your site. Just remember to always include a way that people can choose to stop receiving your emails. It’s the law. It’s ethical, and it’s good business.

You can also market your website by using Article Marketing, Viral Marketing, Banner Advertising, SEO Tactics, and Link Exchanges, etc. We will go into more detail about those methods in other articles.

3. Learn from (already) successful people

The next tool you should use to help you succeed online is to become a student of those people who are already successful Internet business owners. How was their situation similar to yours? What helped them succeed that you could do as well? What made them better? What made them stand out?

Remember, in life you are always going to be learning, and that goes doubly for life in business. Whether you need to read books, get interviews, or listen to audio programs – always learn from those who have already succeeded.

4. Form your Mastermind Group

The final, and possibly most important tool you must employ, is other people. Find those other people who have similar interests, desires, and goals, and team up with them.

Napoleon Hill – author of “Think and Grow Rich” – called this practice of gathering with similar people, the forming of your ‘Mastermind Group’. He knew the importance and significant benefit that naturally occurs when people of like mind come together to reach an objective. That’s where the saying: “Two heads are better than one” comes from.

Meet on a regular basis with your group – once a month or once a week. Talk about each other’s goals and progress. Share ideas and insights. You help them with their goals and they will return the favour. It’s a powerful tool that largely goes unused.

Now you have the tools, is there more for you to learn? Absolutely yes!

But you can use just the information from this article and have 90% of your business up and running almost immediately. Success online is possible, and if you do something with the tools you’ve just learned, your success will go from possible to PROBABLE.

Author: Alex Chan

Alex Chan is an Internet Marketer who, with his team "Internet Success Network", is helping many to achieve success on the Internet. Visit his sites at www.chanalex.com or www.internetsuccessnetwork.com and www.successwithu.blogspot.com

~ Internet Success Network ~

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